fire protection

Fire raging out of control is a terrifying threat to life and property. In many situations, fire is considered the ultimate destructive force for offices, museums, archives, data centres, medical centres, etc.

To prevent fire in your premises, certain measures must be put in place; such as fire detection and alarm system, fire sprinker systems fire extinguishers and hose reel. These facilities will announce the detection of fire in your premises and with the extinguishing equipment, you will be able to fight the fire. This will ensure that the fire does not spread within your premises.

For specialised locations in organisations, traditional systems of fire extinguishing like Dry Chemical Powder and Carbon Dioxide(CO2) fire extinguishers may not be suitable and maybe inadequate and appropriate to extinguish the fire. These traditional extinguishers could under certain conditions damage computers and other sensitive equipment and pose danger to humans since they may be engaged in occupied rooms.

Certain hazards within office, industrial, commercial and institutional facilities require special attention. Certain chemicals are designed to extinguish some particular fires. Fire involving petroleum products require foam exinguisher to fight them. Information held in premises could be more valuable than the premises itself.

Areas such as computer rooms, clean rooms, telephone switches, art and historical applications, hospital theatres and any facility where water damage from sprinklers must be avoided at all costs require special fire protection systems. A variety of approaches and chemicals are available to provide a custom solution to your special hazard. With automatic fire suppression systems, organisations can protect their operations, their equipment and most importantly their employees using an environmentally sustainable technology.

The available technology for protecting computers and electronic equipment are the clean agent gases such as Novec 1230, FM 200 and the inert gases. These could be released into the enclosed space to suppress fire while not having any adverse effect on humans and the environment. They leave no residue and nothing to damage computers and remain environmentally friendly without any damage to the ozone layer or contributing to global warming.

fire protection services

At Sylprin, our core expertise is in finding creative fire engineering solutions for premises that comes under the Fire Precaution (Premises) Regulations, 2003-L.I 1724. We also specialise in providing expert advice for large and complex buildings. We provide services in:

  • Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Fire Alarm
  • Fire Fighting and Automatic Fire Suppression Systems
  • Preparation of Fire Engineering Strategy and Fire plans
  • Fire Certificate Acquisition
  • Fire Risk Assessment and Safety Audit
fire protection clients

Our services are provided to the following group of people:

  • Premises Owners and Managers – (General premises and IT Data Centres and UPS room, Archives)
  • Architects
  • Insurance Companies
  • Institutions
  • Health Care Premises
  • Hospitality Establishments
  • Construction, Mining and Petroleum industries and any premises that requires protection from fire and/or looking to come under the Fire Precaution (Premises) Regulations, 2003-L.I 1724.
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